All About Bartram Street For Street Shopping

All About Bartram Street


The street named Bartram is a small but special part of esplanade. Esplanade which is a huge area for shopping, Bartram street is an important part of this.

In this post I will share the details which are all about Bartram street.


You can reach in this place just the way you go to esplanade. The street is right beside the Hogg market of esplanade.

Esplanade is a place where you can find everything for buying, but this Bartram street is known for the huge bags and jewelry collection.


You can find every kind of bags here and of course in a very affordable price range. You can find beautiful purse, clutch, wallets in the price starting rs. 50. There are also side bags, sling bags and handbags in the starting price 100 rs. Here is also a huge collection of travel bags and school bags. You can buy them in a starting price for rs. 400.


You will be definitely lost in the variety of colors and styles of the bags. There are collection for everyone. Suppose you love black color more than every color then you will have so many options for you there. If you love colors and varieties then also you will find a lot of things of your choice.

There are bags in different sizes, colors, designs, so you can find your favorite one easily and undoubtedly in a very exciting price range.

Now coming to the jewelries, at first I told you all that jewelry is also important part of Bartram street collections. This is good news for the fashion jewelry lovers because you will find every kind of trendy fashion jewelry just in this place.

From earrings to bracelets, ear cuffs to trendy necklace, nose pins to rings everything in a very affordable price. You can find earrings here from Rs. 20 only as the starting price. The prices of bracelets, necklace, ear cuffs and other jewelries are in Rs 50-200 range.


A thing which I have to tell you that all the price range I mentioned here is the starting price range. You will find your product according to your choice and convenience.

May be the shopkeepers won’t mention you the same price so keep doing bargain for the best price.

Bargain is a part of street shopping and 90% time you will be succeeded in your bargain technique 😝 The all shopping lovers know what is the best price of the product they are buying so absolutely they won’t be failed of doing the bargain for sure.

Bartram street

I know you must be thinking why I only shared only about the bags and jewelries where esplanade is the planet of everything that you need, because this post is only about the Bartram street and the street is specifically organized for only bags and jewelries.

If you are up to buying some casual not branded and low price stuffs you can definitely come here as the products are really good in this price range.

The good thing is you will find all updated and trendy bags and jewelry in this place. So this is it, all about Bartram street.

The place opens at 9 am. and open remaining up to 9 pm.

If you want some detailed information for the entire esplanade area then here it is 👇👇


If you love to explore new places and new things and also if you want to spend your weekend by doing shopping then come in this place and shop your favorite ones in a very exciting price range. Hope you love the information of all about Bartram street. There is also a video you can watch to know more about the place.

Here is the video 👇👇


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