Jhalmuri Street Food Recipe

Jhalmuri Street Food Recipe

Different ways to make Jhalmuri street food

Jhalmuri is something without which we bong couldn’t imagine our evenings. Jhalmuri is not only a food it is an emotion for the bong.

Those who don’t know what is jhalmuri, this post will clear your all doubt.

Almost on every street of Kolkata, you can find a jhalmuri wala. All of them is different from each other. They all have their own way to make it.

This is something that you also can make it by your own style.

Today in this post I’m gonna share my favourite jhalmuri street food or puffed rice recipes that you can try at home anytime.

Firstly I will say the most famous, tasty and most available one. Mostly the jhalmuri vendors used to make jhalmuri in this way.

Personally, I also love this recipe and I also make the recipe at home.

For This, We Will Need

  • Some muri/ puffed rice (take according to your need)
  • 2 green chillies
  • 2 boiled potatoes
  • 1 onions
  • 1 cucumber
  • Some sprouts
  • Some red chilli powder
  • Some homemade chaat masala
  • Some black salt
  • Lemon juice
  • Some chanachur or bhujiya
  • Some mustard oil


Firstly what I do is to pre preparation of the recipe. I cut the boiled potatoes in thin pieces, chop the onion, the cucumber, the green chillies. Many people also use tamarind water but I don’t feel like using that in jhalmuri. I mix all the ingredients and add some lemons juice, some black salt and the red Chilli powder. A little bit of homemade chaat masala as well. Then I add the puffed rice/ muri in it. After that, I add the chanachur and lastly the mustard oil. Without oil, jhalmuri is really incomplete. I mix everything well and it gets ready to eat.

The first one is a long one and many ingredients are needed for that.

But in the second one, we need, 

  • Some fried sprouts
  • Some normal sprouts
  • Some mango & chilli achaar
  • Some oil of that achaar
  • Some bhujiya One chopped onion
  • Some salt


In this recipe, the achar is the key ingredient. That is the main flavour of the dish.

Simple and tasty this one. When you don’t have some limited things in your kitchen then also you can make that.

The mango & chilli achaar you can get in the shop but I’m telling you a simple process by that you can make the simple and flavorful mango and chilli achaar.

Just take some raw mango slices and chilli slices and keep it in an airtight jar. Add a good amount of oil and salt. It will take some days to prepare. Keep it in the direct sunlight for some days and you can use the oil and the chillies also the mangoes in your jhalmuri for the amazing flavour. Mostly in India, many achar recipes are prepared in direct sunlight.


For the jhalmuri street food take some puffed rice in a bowl and add some sprouts, onions chopped, bhujiya, the oil of the achar, 2 chilies from the achaar, some salt and mix everything that’s it your unique Jhalmuri is ready.


First one is the normal and spiciest one and the second one is the simple home recipe. I love both of them and I make them according to the ingredients I have. This is can be ideal evening snack for you also. Try the recipes at home and get the awesome flavorful Jhalmuri.

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