Street Foods Of Prinsep Ghat

Street Foods Of Prinsep Ghat

Prinsep Ghat foods information

Prinsep Ghat is a very popular place of Kolkata. The nice, decorated and peaceful place is in the heart of Kolkata. Mostly it is famous among the young people who used to hang out in the place.

Any Ganga side is the favourite place of Bengali’s for gossip, chill out. This one is the special one because of the decoration and the environment is amazing.

There is something special in the environment of here, something really magical!

One good thing you can do here is the boating. They charge Rs. 400 for the 30 minutes of boating. The boating experience is an amazing thing which you can get from here. For any special occasion, you can try that.

Riverside, pleasant air, favourite people only one thing needed and that is food.

Here, I’m going to share about my experience of the street foods of Prinsep Ghat. This prinshep Ghat foods information is gonna helpful for you If you’re gonna visit the place.

No gossip is complete without food. If you’re going in a place to spend some time, you will definitely look for some good food to complete your outing.

The place is huge you can sit anywhere or you can just walk through there.

Firstly I will tell you the routes of going there.

You can go Prinsep Ghat by train. Any train that is going to BBD Bagh will be the train for Prinsep Ghat too!

You can come here by bus. Just pick any bus that comes in Babughat. The Prinsep Ghat is just beside the Babughat.

If you are coming from the train, you will have to walk to the right direction through the side of the ghat.

Or else if you are coming from bus then cross the road and walk left through the Ghat area.

That’s how you will find the street food shops over here. There is a small but lovely collection of street food.

They have ghugni, pani puri, bhelpuri, papri chat, kulfi, ice cream, cold drinks, jhalmuri, tea, pav bhaji, egg roll, chicken roll, chowmin, this kind of foods. This prinsep Ghat foods are so pocket-friendly and tasty as well.

All the shops are opened on an everyday evening. If you feel hungry you will have a lot of option here. I personally love pav bhaji but sadly in my location, there is no shop of pav bhaji so whenever I see any pav bhaji shop anywhere I surely have that 😅 In Prinsep Ghat there are a couple of (pav) bhaji shops, and they make really the tastiest pav bhaji. So, make sure to have that whenever you’re visiting that place.

Besides this, the other foods over here like pani puri, ghugni, bhel puri are also great. It’s like an island of chat.😅 I love them all as I’m very fond of this Indian chat dishes. If you want to taste the real Indian flavour you have to try this chat recipes.

Pav bhaji — 60 rs. Per plate

Pani puri — 8 puris for rs. 20

Bhelpuri — 20 rs.

Papri chat — 30 is.

Ghugni — 15 is.

Kulfi – 20-30 is.

These are the price range of the foods which is pretty affordable but the taste of these are heavenly. If you are a food lover you would definitely love them. You will also love the place. I hope you loved the information about the prinsep Ghat foods. Make sure to have these whenever you are visiting the place.

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