Street Foods Of Brabourne Road

Street Food Of The Brabourne Street, Kolkata

Kolkata is love, Kolkata is passion and the love for food not only in Kolkata you can see it anywhere in India.

No doubt Kolkata is the sweetest yet spiciest part of India.

This is a place where Roso-Golla is as famous as the biriyani. I know everyone out there love Bengali food. Kolkata is a place where every kind of food is available either its continental or Chinese or it’s a Mughlai recipe. Sometimes it’s a simple south Indian dish or sometimes the spicy rich Punjabi food. You can find anything here.

If we talk about street food. Kolkata is also famous for its super tasty and cheap street food.

The street foods of here are so tasty and affordable that every kind of people can afford that.

Today I will share information about a street which is famous for its street food which name is Brabourne road.

The place is near BBD Bagh area. Mainly the place is an office area so that the full street is covered with street food stalls here and there.

The landmark of the place is the writer’s building which is one of the oldest and largest offices of Kolkata.

There are also many old and important office like the old passport office, the West Bengal tourism department and also some mini court you can find there.

Every office area is the ideal place to start a street food business so many shopkeepers are available there with a different kind of food.

First Let Me Tell You How To Reach There

Any bus of BBD Bagh can take you there. The nearest metro station of here is Esplanade and Chandni Chowk.

What kind of foods are available there

Firstly, if you love eating and love to visit new places then you must come here for the lovely foods.

I Found There,

  • Sweets corner
  • Dahi vada corner
  • Biryani corner
  • Egg and butter toast corner
  • Jhalmuri corner
  • Pav bhaji corner
  • Juice corner
  • Tea corner
  • Fruit corner
  • Paratha corner
  • Puri and sabji corner
  • South Indian corner
  • Momo corner
  • Chinese corner for noodles, roll etc
  • Sandwich corner

So, almost every kind of food is available in this Brabourne street. They are super cheap and tasty as well. No one has to be starved as there is food for every kind of people. The office workers are blessed with such a lovely place and with so many options of mean so that they can have anything they want.

You can have Biryani there in 60 Rs. Per plate, Momo is for 30 rs per plate, Sandwich starts from 35 rs, Chinese noodles and roll etc also from 30 Rs starting, Paratha sabji is for 20-30 Rs. Per plate, Dosha and Idli 20 Rs. Per Plate, Dahi vada is 30 Rs. For to vadas.

So, they are pretty cheap but the quality of the food is so good. The street is fully covered by the variety of foods. You can have food according to your mood. The office workers of here are very lucky to have such a good place to work. From chat to the meal they have so much option in this Brabourne street.

Brabourne street is no doubt is in a special place of the list of street foods of Kolkata.

If you love to visit and explore new places try this one you will love it!

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