Street Shopping At Dunlop Market

Street Shopping At Dunlop

Dunlop market street shopping

Hey lovely people, Today’s post is all about shopping and today our subject is street shopping at Dunlop.

Many of you doesn’t know the place so don’t worry I will let you know everything about Dunlop and about the popular Dunlop market street shopping.


So, basically Dunlop is situated near sinthi more. It’s on the north Kolkata. The place is quite popular for the amazing street shop collection. The Dunlop market is famous in the north Kolkata side.


The first time I went on the market on my childhood with my mom. The market is usually famous for the beautiful salwar suit collection.

There are a huge collection of salwar suits like they have ready made ones, salwar suit piece everything and for everyone.

They keep their collection for every people.


Dunlop, the place is popular for the Punjabi people over there. There is also a gurudwara and Punjabi school.

We all know salwar suit is the famous traditional wear of Punjabi so you can get the best salwar suit collection from here.


The price of the pieces are started from around 400 rs.

You will find salwar suits for every reason like for work purpose or for occasion. There is also a very nice collection for the wedding season.

In the same market there are some tailor shops also which are really popular for making the perfect salwar suit for you. You can choose the neck design, the back design in this way. Also, you can choose your salwar or trousers style.


In this market there are also things are available. Western tops, t-shirts, kurta, accessories.

You will find some amazing fashion earrings, bracelet, ear cuffs etc in such an amazing affordable price. The price of the fashion jewelry starts from 10 rs.


You can get the western tops and t-shirts from Rs. 150


Another thing you will find here and gonna love that too, which is shoes.

You can get really affordable and amazing shoes from here. For the daily wear or some gorgeous stuff for festive or marriage every kind of shoes you can from here.

The starting price is around Rs. 150.


There are also some Saree shops for pretty collection of sarees. You can get them from 500 rs.


Apart from this when you will be tired after doing so much shopping, there is chilled juice, lassi, cold drinks for you. There are also some street food corners for chat food.


After the Dunlop market street shopping, you can simply have this street foods or can have a visit on the holy gurudwara. The gurudwara is beautiful and the surrounding is so mesmerizing and calm that will make your soul peaceful.

I hope you liked the information about the street shopping at Dunlop. In many ways you can go to the place.

You can take a train which goes to the Dunlop station. Any bus which is going to Dunlop you can take that too! From Dakshineswar or sinthi or rathtola there are auto rickshaw routes also towards Dunlop.


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