Street Shopping At Esplanade Market


Street shopping at Esplanade/ New market

-Esplanade market shopping

How can I miss this place when I’m about to write about street shopping?

Esplanade is the heart of Kolkata. Every people of Kolkata must know this place and love this place. My shopping list is incomplete without esplanade market shopping.

We girls love shopping. There are so many options we have either its branded stores or online. We do everything, but we can’t ignore this place named esplanade.

What the place have? No, I should say what the place doesn’t have!

There is not a single thing which you can’t find here.  During esplanade market shopping you will explore a lot of new things as well.

When it comes to trendy clothing, you will find every trendy cloth here in every season.

This is a place which is always crowded, in every season, on every occasion.

Today I’m not gonna tell you about the markets over here but the street shopping of esplanade.

You will find shops everywhere in the esplanade. From that place where you will step out from metro there also you will get to see the shops of sunglasses, watches, dresses. In the first lane, you will find a lot of stuff like dupattas, bags, shoes, clutches, teddy bear, kurtas etc. On the other side which is the grand hotel side you will find a huge collection of menswear. There you can find men T-shirt, shirts, bottom wear, casual trousers, jeans etc. Collect your favourite wear in this esplanade market shopping at a very affordable price.

There are many parts of the esplanade market. That’s a huge market that will make you feel tired but you will find every needed thing of yours.

Esplanade is also famous for the fashion jewellery collection. Anything that is trendy you will find that definitely here. The traditional jewellery or the fashion jewellery the place has everything in its collection. Necklace, earrings, bracelets everything you will find here at a very reasonable price and the, of course, the good thing is you can bargain.

One thing I really like in the esplanade area is the coolest ever shoes of there and the cheapest one as well. You will every kind of shoe here either its heels, flat, wedges, boots etc. There is also a part where you will find some makeup products and cosmetics. They are not really the brand, but they are really cool and the products have so much variety.

Though esplanade many other Ac markets in it. You can also visit the markets like cream, spark, Hogg market. They all also have very good stuff.

In the streets of the market, you will find smalls shops which also have the good collection.

There is western stuff for women like casual tops, jackets, t-shirts etc.

Esplanade is also famous it’s huge and awesome bag collection. Small bag, backpacks, wallet, clutches, side bag any kind of bag you can find here and of course in a very affordable price.

Also, a lot of stuff is waiting for you in that place. Just go and check out. Don’t forget to visit the place whenever you’re in Kolkata and the one who already is in Kolkata enjoy your shooting before Durga puja.

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